The purpose of the Championship is to encourage excellence in the evaluation and recognition of extra virgin olive oils from the world’s producing regions.

Championship Organising and Technical Committees

The Organising Committee for the Championship will be:

  • Mr. Simon Field – Founder and Director of International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes, Australia
  • Mr. Rafael Muela – Platinum Associate Savante, Spain
  • Ms. Francisca García González – Secretary General of The Regulatory Council of The Protected Designation of Origin Priego de Cordoba (ASCCAL), Spain
  • Ms. Tala Saket – Silver Associate Savante, Jordan

The Organising Committee is responsible for overseeing the Championship and resolving any issues, disputes or appeals which may arise. Their determination is final.

Technical Committee

To ensure the highest standard of integrity of the technical aspects of the Championship the Organising Committee will establish a Technical Committee to which it can refer for advice on organisational and technical aspects.

  • The Technical Committee will comprise up to five eminent members of the olive oil industry. It is proposed that the technical committee should comprise representation from the main participating countries Spain, France and Greece

The technical committee will be convened by Simon Field who will preside without a vote. Committee deliberations will be in English.


The language for the event will be English. Where necessary for Spanish dignitaries outside the championship venue, or during receptions and award ceremonies, their presentations will be translated to English.

Tasting Teams

The competing teams each comprise three tasters. When registering for the Championship the team name and the names of each team member will be provided.

International Teams

Savantes may invite Tasting Teams from countries with the following allocation of teams based on production and consumption, and the number of national championships held to the 30 June 2019. The maximum number of teams from any country will be 6.

In extraordinary circumstances Savantes may issue ‘wildcard invitations’ to teams where a country allocation is exceeded.

Invitations to select teams to represent a country will be issued in the following order of priority:

  1. To organisers of National Championships – USA, Spain, France, Greece, South Africa
  2. Savantes and/or Associate Savantes – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Ireland, Peru, Portugal, Jordan
  3. Producer/Suppliers of oils for Savantes – Italy, Tunisia, Croatia, Turkey, Morocco, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile
  4. In all other countries – past participants in Savantes events – Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland et al
  5. Should the teams which are eligible to register as winners of National Championships not do so by 31 July, Savantes can invite other teams from those countries to participate.

Allocation of Teams

  • Spain – 6  
  • USA – 4  
  • France – 2
  • Greece – 4
  • Italy – 2
  • Portugal – 2
  • Tunisia – 2
  • Turkey – 2
  • South Africa – 1
  • Switzerland – 1
  • All other countries – 1

Any country with an allocation of one team can apply to the organising committee for the inclusion of a second team.

Changes in Team Membership and Withdrawal of Teams

Any changes to team membership after registration are at the discretion of the country represented. The country will inform the Organising Committee of such changes.

There will be no refund of Registration fees should a team withdraw unless there are exceptional circumstances precluding participation of a replacement team from that country.

Teams of the World

Individuals from countries which cannot get a full team of 3 may register to be included in ‘Teams of the World’. The entry fee will be 70 Euros and the teams will be compiled in groups of 3 in the order the registrations are received.

Teams of the World cannot win the Championship. If such a team achieves the highest score this will be announced and acknowledged. The representative team with the highest score will then be declared World Champions. The Members of Teams of World are eligible for Savantes Certification.

Olive Oils Used for the Championship

  1. Savantes with the assistance of the organising committee if required will procure the olive oils for the event.
  2. The olive oils will be obtained equitably from all producing regions to ensure there is no advantage to a team from a particular region.
  3. The defects will be obtained by arrangement from the International Olive Council.
  4. Savantes will prescribe which olive oils are used for the tests.
  5. The technical committee will validate the tests.
  6. The olive oils to be delivered to and stored unopened at IFAPA until they are collected by the organising committee and transported to ASCCAL.
  7. The oils will be quarantined from any participating interest to ensure no team has, or is perceived to have, an advantage.
  8. The allocation of the olive oils to the tests will be undertaken by Simon Field with the assistance of Tala Saket (F&S).
  9. The samples will be decanted into containers by F&S prior to being given to assistants for pouring into sample glasses.

Schedule for Preparation of the Tests

1 October                    Olive Oils are transported from IFAPA to the Venue

With the exception of ASCCAL staff and the organising committee, the venue will be off limits to any other individuals until the day of the championship.

2 October                    Simon Field and Tala Saket unpack the oils in isolation and prepare the samples.

3 October                    Technical Committee validates the tests

Samples are handed to assisting staff for pouring.

4 and 5 October          Championship

                                 Set-up of Tasting Bar  after completion of all tests                

Marking the Skills Tests Answers

  1. Each participant and team will be given a code by the organisers to enter on their answer sheets to avoid any perceptions of bias in the marking.
  2. Participants will be required to fill in two answer sheets, one to be retained and one to be submitted for marking.
  3. The marking of the answer sheets will be coordinated by Tala Saket..
  4. The answer sheets of any participants achieving Associate Savante or Savante status will be checked and confirmed by the Savantes representative.
  5. Participants will be given the answers when the marking is complete and will be able to appeal if they consider there is an error in the marking.
  6. The appeal will be considered by Tala Saket, reviewed by the organising committee and adjustments made as appropriate.


The event will be held at the offices of the Association for Quality Control of the Oils of the Region of Priego de Cordoba, Niceto Alcala Zamora Avda, Urban Park Multipurpose - Hall of Arts, 14800, Priego de Córdoba

Skills tests

The Championship will comprise three series of extra virgin olive oil tasting skills tests

If the entries require the Series 1 Skills tests can be divided into 2 sessions.

Skills Test Series 1 – time: 1.5 hours

This series will be undertaken by individuals and the team score allocated will be the sum of the scores of the three team members.

There will be no collaboration between team members.

The tests will be:

  • Rancidity ranking test – 5 points
  • Flavour Intensity ranking test – 5 points
  • Triangle tests – 4 points
  • Defect detection – 8 points
  • Regional variety identification – 8 points

(Total possible score 30 points per individual – 90 for each team)

Skills test series 2 – 45 minutes

This series will be undertaken by the team working together.

Each team will be given the same blend of extra virgin olive oils blended from 3 of 6 extra virgin olive oils. The team will determine which of the 6 have been used in the blend.


  • for each correct identification of an oil in the blend +5 points
  • for each incorrect identification of an oil in the blend -5 points

Maximum possible score for correct identification of 3 oils – 15 points

Minimum possible score – 0 points

Skills test series 3 – 45 minutes

This series will be undertaken by the team working together.

Each team will be given six monovarietal numbered samples of extra virgin olive oils comprising 3 varietals from 6 producing regions. The team will determine:

  1. The numbers of the samples which are the same varietal (ie, 1 and 3, 2 and 4, 5 and 6). For each correct pairing the team will score 2 points – possible score 6 points
  2. The varietal of each sample. For each correct varietal the team will score 1 point – possible score 6 points
  3. The country in which each sample has been produced.  For each correct country the team will score 1 point – possible score 6 points

Maximum possible score – 18 points

Total Championship scores

The scores of skills test series 1, 2 and 3 will be added to provide the total championship score.

Maximum possible Championship score for a team - 123 points


  1. The programme is subject to change contingent on the number of teams. Registered teams will be informed of any changes prior to the Championship.

Thursday 3 October 2019

4.00pm       Welcome reception

                    Welcome to the Championship – Simon Field

                    Welcome to Priego de Cordoba – TBA

                    Introduction of the Committees and Supporters – Rafael Muela

                    Welcome to ASCCAL – Francisca Garcia Gonzalez

                    Presentation of the Teams – Tala Saket

                    Unveiling of the Trophy – Simon Field

8.00pm       Supporters Tapas Dinner


Friday 4 October 2019

With an estimated 20 teams, 60 participants the Skills Test Series 1 will be divided into 2 sessions.

Skills Series 1A – Flavour Intensity Ranking, Rancidity Ranking, Defect Detection

45 Minutes

Skills Series 1B – Triangle Test and Varietal Recognition

45 Minutes

10.00am          Welcome and allocation to tables

10.15am          Briefing on the skill tests – Series 1A - Simon Field                           

10.30am          Skills Test Series 1A

11.15am          Breakfast

1.15pm            Briefing on the team skill test – Team Test Series 2  - Simon Field     

1.30pm            Team Test Series 2

2.15pm            City sight walk and lunch


8.00pm            Civic Reception and Championship Dinner


Saturday 5 October 2019

10.00am          Welcome back and Briefing on Skills Test Series 1B – Rafael Muela

10.15am          Skills Test Series 1B                        

11.00am          Breakfast

1.00pm            Briefing on Team Test Series 3 – Rafael Muela

12.30pm          Team Test Series 3

1.15pm            Lunch

2.30pm            Answer sheets delivery and review – Tala Saket

Any appeals for changes in scores considered – Tala Saket

3.00pm         Announcement of Champions and presentation of Trophies and Certificates


Sunday and Monday 6 and 7 October 2019

Local and Regional Tours and Cultural Events

Use of Electronic Devices

The use of electronic devices such as tablets, mobile phones or computers is not permitted during the Skills Test Series 1. If detected such use will result in the score of the individual responsible being excluded from the team total.

Return of Answer Sheets and Appeals

The answer sheets will be returned to individuals and the correct answers announced. Participants will have a limited period to lodge with the Organising Committee an appeal where they consider an answer has marked incorrectly. If the appeal is successful, the score will be amended accordingly.

The Organising Committee can refer an appeal to the Technical Committee where appropriate.

The decision of the Organising Committee on any appeal is final.


The team scoring the highest number of points will be declared World Champion Tasting Team for 2019.

The team scoring the second highest number of points will be declared the runner-up.

Should there be a tie for any of the awards the award will be presented to the team scoring the most points in the individual tasting Series 1.

Prizes and Trophies

The winning team will receive the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Team World Cup for 2019 and framed certificates.

The teams coming second will receive framed certificates.

The team coming third will receive framed certificates.

The trophies will be designed and procured by the organising committee.

International Register of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes

All participants will have the option of having their score in Skills Test Series 1 assessed for Membership of the Register of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes.

The individual scores out of 30 for inclusion in the Register are:

Associate Savante       18 points

Savante                     24 points

  • The Register includes all those who undertake the Savantes Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Skills Test and wish to have their statuses recorded.
  • The entry on the Register for Associate Savantes and Savantes will include a photograph and a brief biography.
  • All those who achieve either Associate Savante or Full Savante status will be presented with the appropriate certificate.
  • All those who achieve Silver, Gold or Platinum Associate status will be presented with the appropriate certificate.
  • The Register status will be retained until a higher status is achieved at a subsequent event.
  • Current members of the Register can be viewed at www.savantes.org

Registration and Entry Fees

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes will establish an online facility for the receipt of entry details and payment of the €210 entry fee per team.

The entry fee will cover meals and the championship.

Entry will be by completing the prescribed entry form online at www.savantes.org (Tasting Team World Cup Registration) and payment of the entry fee by the closing date of 31 July 2019.

Supporters and Financial Support

Team supporters

National teams can obtain support to cover the cost of their participation.

Acknowledgement of this support will be a team responsibility and must be within the following guidelines.

  1. Supporters logos can be displayed on team attire
  2. Teams can give verbal acknowledgement of their supporters if they are declared champions or runners-up  

Event supporters

Both organising organisations can seek financial support to help reduce the entry fees for participants.

Support will be for the Championship and can in no way be construed as patronage of the organising organisations.

Supporters will have no influence on the conduct of the Championship or representation on the organising or technical committee. Depending on the level of support they will receive recognition through some or all of the following:

  • Prescribed signage in the Championship venue
  • Acknowledgement during the Championship announcements
  • Naming on the Championship answer sheets
  • Presentation of the awards to the Champions and Runners-up.

Suppliers of the extra virgin olive oils used in the Championship will be acknowledged, their oils available for tasting at the tasting bar after the championship tests and their contact details provided to all participants after the event.

Supporters cannot be the owners of a brand of olive oil or have a direct interest in a brand. They can be providers of services – for example:

  • Packaging
  • Processing equipment
  • Tasting equipment – glasses with the championship livery and saleable
  • Laboratory services
  • Interprofessional services
  • Media
  • Local government – including civic receptions
  • Education
  • Retail

Merchandise and Tours

Consideration will be given to producing merchandise and tours which will be available to participants and others:

  • Tasting glasses with event livery
  • T-shirts
  • Special bottlings of local olive oils
  • Local and regional olive industry tours and cultural events

Partner Programmes

Consideration should be given to arranging for activities for the partners of participants while the championship is in progress.

Civic Receptions and Participation of Local Entities

A programme of civic receptions and dinners will be arranged by the Organising committee to welcome international visitors.

Closing date for entries

The closing date for entries is 31 July 2019.

Applications for extension can be made to the Organising committee where there are extenuating circumstances.

Travel and accommodation

Travel and accommodation arrangements are the responsibility of the tasting teams.

Information on the travel options and accommodation can be obtained from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.