The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Savantes tasting programme was established in Melbourne in 2001, and since then has been run locations including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.  

Below are some of the comments made by Savantes Participants:

As always, enjoyed your comments and guidance for tasting and marketing.
New York 2019

I am a big supporter of yours and my sales team is better for it. 
New York 2019

Thank you for such an impressive course on tasting olive oils, as well as on the intricacies of the market.
New York 2018

Thanks again for your passion and energy. I discovered many new oils and improved my skills.
Amsterdam 2018

Thanks so much for the fantastic course. I found it all incredibly interesting and certainly learned a lot in the three days in Melbourne. I would be happy to recommend your program to anyone who asks!
Melbourne 2017

Wanted to thank you again for the fantastic event last week. The entire program was so informative and will not only help me in my professional career, but also in my personal life in how I use, think and talk about olive oil.
New York 2017

Thank you very much for excellent program and sending over the slides. I greatly appreciate your insights and understanding of Our industry! By the way, yes I am still looking for that 1 more point and talking to myself about being so close.
New York 2017

What a great experience Savantes was for me. Your class gave me a whole new level of inspiration. 
Chicago 2015

The class is such a great network also. I had met someone at the last class and we became friendly. I now carry her olive oils and honey in my shop! 
New York 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed your seminars, instruction and insight.  In fact, like a good olive oil, I am still reliving the Savante experience in my mind.   Above all, I was affected by your ethical and “no nonsense” approach to the industry, to tasting, and to relaying information.  When you began by telling us to be careful what we say and to whom we judge, because in the oil is someone’s livelihood, I was touched by your respect for both the product and producer and I felt instantly like I was in the right place, with the best teacher. 
New York 2015

By far, the most memorable and humbling 3 days I've spent in Olive Oil. So glad you challenged my perceived wisdoms on the sensory properties of this mysterious liquid.
New York 2015

I personally had a wonderful time at the programme! It was very nice to meet you all and feel very grateful for this opportunity to learn from such professional and lovely people. 
Toledo, Spain 2014

I love the way you teach organoleptic assessment. 
Toledo, Spain 2014

The course surprised me very much. It is way more advanced than any other course that I went to in the past. I mention "advanced" meaning that you see olive oil from a higher perspective than a regular technical course. You learn how to love olive oil from the heart of the olive oil.
Toledo, Spain 2014

‘Brilliant seminar!  Enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks Simon and gang.’ 
New York, USA 2014

‘It was a fantastic few days. We tasted international oils we would never normally have the chance to experience, tasted and blended our own oils, and, importantly we met other olive oil enthusiasts and learned more about their thoughts and opinions’. 
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand 

‘I just learnt so much fascinating stuff it was really a worthwhile experience’. 
Modena, Italy

‘The programme does a better job than any I have experienced at celebrating the art of extra virgin olive oil while also addressing the business realities of the ever-changing world market’. 
Seville Spain

‘It was a fantastic experience and safe environment to learn in’. 
London, United Kingdom

‘Tasting a wide range of different extra virgin olive oils from Australia and around the world gave us the opportunity to experience the different flavours and identify the numerous notes within some very complex olive oils’.
Melbourne Australia

‘We wanted to experience and learn about oils from a global perspective and Savantes certainly met our expectations. We have not found another course that offers what Savantes does’. 
Vancouver Canada

‘I particularly enjoyed networking with a variety of people involved in the olive industry, from retailers through to growers and everywhere in between, and from all parts of the world’. 
Melbourne Australia

 ‘I just wanted to thank you for bringing the tasting program to NY. It’s difficult at best to condense a program like this into 3 days, but I thought your teaching methods were effective, concise and the material we covered was well thought out. What I learned will benefit me greatly in my current position. I look forward to attending next year.’ 
New York, USA

‘Thanks again for a wonderful and educational week. One of the best events I have ever attended.’ 
New York, USA

‘I thought the program was really great and very challenging. One really needs a lot of practice to describe the flavors and smells in the oils. That is why there are experts like you!’ 
New York, USA

‘Of course, you’ve done a fantastic job today! I’m so glad to see the engagement and active participation by the whole group in the session and have heard nothing but positive comments from the attendees.’ 
New York, USA