Since my arrival in the Gard (France) in 1986, I have been passionate about the olive tree.

A small olive grower, with 240 olive trees, I produce green olives à la picholine and extra virgin olive oil, mostly PDO Olive oil of Nîmes (AOP Huile d’olive de Nîmes).
After pursuing a degree in the science of olive oil (DUOL Montpellier 2011), I decided to specialise in what pleases me most particularly: olive oil tasting.

I organise initiation workshops in the sensory analysis of olive oils, in which I provide the basics to truly appreciating this popular product in its widely underestimated diversity.

Olive oil tasting goes beyond the olive oil itself, it is also a lifestyle. These workshops restore meaning to the very act of eating, and consider nutrition in its entirety, looking at its historical, geographical and ecological aspects as well as its social dimensions – the essence of life, pleasure, sharing.