Being Greek, olive oil has always been a fundamental part of my food heritage. My store, Olive You, is my fourth child that I adopted after raising my three wonderful boys. Since we opened our doors in 1997 we have grown into a market style deli. Here, we encourage olive lovers to experience traditionally prepared high quality olives and EVOO from the Cape Winelands all the way to Kalamata. We are famous for our expertise and Olive lovers and olive oil fundi’s visit us from all over Southern Africa.

It was natural for me to step into a business that expressed both my Mediterranean roots and my love of ‘all things olive’. My grandfather’s abundant olive grove on the Greek island of Limnos ensured my grandmother’s pantry was stocked with drums of EVOO used to drizzle salad, fry courgettes, melanzane, whitebait, sea urchin meatballs and everything else! I watched olive harvesting and pressing from a young age so the aroma on entering my 'Olive boutique' today takes me back to the joy of watching liquid gold production for year-long family consumption. The fascination continues as I discover the myriad benefits of this magnificent fruit.

Today, on the tip of Africa, we provide customers with olive products as close to their natural state as a thousands years ago. My love for olives came first, and as I followed my curiosity, my knowledge grew. It’s a joy to keep learning, sharing information and travelling to meet farmers to ensure consistent quality and supply.

The accolade of Associate Savante confirmed for me that my palate has developed and refined over the years that I have practiced tasting. The exposure to exciting tastes at home enabled me to experience many traditional, lovingly prepared foods. I’m grateful that an adventurous palate was layered into my childhood and has evolved into a richly satisfying career today.