Cécile Le Galliard comes from the north of France where butter is traditionally used for cooking. After gaining a diploma in communication, she moved to Spain, olive oil country to continue her studies. This was where her olive oil education started, where she changed her cooking habits and became passionate about olive oil. Cécile Le Galliard is now a French expert in olive oil tasting. She is a recent graduate of the University of Jaén (Spain) in virgin olive oil tasting.

She was selected by The International Olive Oil Council as the French candidate for the training and is now recognized as a skilled professional in her field. Cécile works as a consultant in olive oil in France and Spain, specializing in the creation of oil cellars, training, and tasting for professionals and consumers. Her olive oil blog www.jusdolive.fr written in French currently attracts more tha 60,000 visitors per year. She is co-author with an other journalist, Alice Alech, of a book about health and olive oil which will be published in EEUU in early 2017.